6 Fresh and Innovative Joomla Templates

By 2013, some Joomla template clubs have been running for over 7 years.

Even after over 150 templates, the best designers still manage to produce exciting new releases every month.

We’re going to highlight 6 of the most innovative new templates from the last few months.

Here are some fresh and inspiring designs from Rockettheme, YooTheme, JoomlaBamboo, JoomlArt, Gavick and JoomlaXTC.

#1. Stratos from Rockettheme

  • Link: demo.rockettheme.com/joomla/stratos/
  • Description: There’s a lot of tired Windows 8 clones out there, but Stratos uses tiles in a really fresh and interesting way,
  • Mobile version: Shown below, I love the way the mobile version is not watered down at all. The slideshow and all the other key features work as well on phones as they do on the desktop.

#2. Showroom from YooTheme

  • Link: yootheme.com/demo/themes/joomla/2013/showroom/
  • Description: As shown with Est. 1935 in the demo logo, Showroom aims to be both old-fashioned and fresh.
  • Mobile version: Shown below, its nicely done with mobile-friendly slideshow and menu that elegantly moves from the sidebar to the top. The only downside is that the body font is little hard to read.

#3. Moments from JoomlaBamboo

  • Link: demo.joomlabamboo.com/index.php?theme=apr13
  • Description: As Stratros provides a fresh look for Windows 8 tiles, Moments provides an elegant alternative for Pinterest layouts. There’s a nice use of audio and video players inside the tiles.
  • Mobile version: Shown below, the mobile version collapse into a clean, readable layout.

#4. Smashboard from JoomlArt

  • Link: joomlart.com/demo/#ja_smashboard
  • Description: Smashboard has a huge, oversized menu on the left-hand side. The featured articles scroll horizontally across the page and when clicked, load inside a pop-up.
  • Mobile version: Shown below, the mobile version works well, although as with the desktop version, some of the navigation is hard to spot.

#5. Creativity from Gavick

  • Link: demo.gavick.com/joomla25/creativity/
  • Description: This template launches with a full-page slideshow. When the user scrolls, the slideshow minimizes and gives way to a one-page design. Click the menu items and you get an elegant and automatic scroll down the page.
  • Mobile version: Shown below, it’s fresh and clean.

#6. Hardcore Shop from JoomlaXTC

  • Link: demo.joomlaxtc.com/hardcore
  • Description: This template jumped out at me for the use of full-page videos. The rest of the design is interesting, but it’s the homepage that got it included on this list. T
  • Mobile version: Shown below, the video is dropped for mobile devices. The resulting design works well, although had a couple of overlapping areas on my iPhone.

Over to you …


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