OpenGL API Code and Tutorial Listings

OpenGL API Code and Tutorial Listings

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General Coding (8 total entries)

General programming links not necessarily specific to 3D or OpenGL. This is the place to start if you are a coding beginner or seeking specific programming-related information

Beginning OpenGL

Topics cover fundamental topics such as modeling, lighting, depth buffering, and texture mapping. They are useful for anyone just starting out with OpenGL. This includes the original SGI OpenGL samples.

2D/3D Geometry & Transforms

Algorithms and techniques for 2D and 3D Geometry: including collision detection, polygonization of purfaces, intersection testing, transformations, NURBS & curved surfaces, BSP rendering, kinematics, quaternions, stereographics, particle systems, motion capture, animations, performance testing, etc

Lighting, Shading, Rendering

2D and 3D rendering effects including lighting, shading, shadows, reflections, special effects, caustics, radiosity, texturing & environment mapping, terrain rendering, volume rendering, real-time & hardware acceleration, ray tracing, clipping & culling, depth buffering, decals, billboards, non-photorealistic rendering, and the OpenGL Shading Language or Cg.


Code samples with a focus on the GLUT OpenGL windowing toolkit

OpenGL Shading Language

Progammable shading techniques and code samples focused on the ARB_vertex_program, ARB_fragment_program and OpenGL Shading Language,

Advanced Techniques

Advanced lighting and shading techniques, HDRR, BRDFs,performance rendering optimizations.


Sites that contain a collection of OpenGL API-related tutorials from beginning to advanced.


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